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Yamagoya Holahoo,
Teppei Oyama Select Aso Ubuyama Küche Botanical Tea

Located in the far northeast corner of Kumamoto, where it borders Oita Prefecture, the village of Ubuyama in Aso is nestled in the midst of expansive open spaces. The couple operating Aso Ubuyama Kuche, who have cherished a friendship with Chef Koyama of Yamagoya Holahoo for 20 years, both manage the store and reside in Ubuyama.

Tae Orii, the wife, also designs knickknacks

At the Kuche farm, they simultaneously cultivate pure-bred local varieties of vegetables and herbs, abstaining from the use of agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers. Additionally, they operate a restaurant open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The restaurant exclusively offers two set menus, primarily serving lunch, with occasional dinner openings. During these dinner services, they recommend that guests consider staying overnight at a nearby inn with hot springs.

The botanical teas served at Chef Koyama’s auberge are crafted by a collaborative team comprising three entities: Aso Ubuyama Kuche, the edible flower farm Fattoria in Ubuyama, and Organ, a research and development center specializing in fragrances and distillates.

Every element is not only edible but also hand-picked, meticulously dried, and transformed into bouquets.

The people engaged in this work seem to be from another country. Despite being carried out in Kumamoto, it elicits a peculiar sensation of feeling lost in a space that doesn’t quite belong to Kumamoto.

When Chef Koyama joins them in picking the flowers, the atmosphere becomes reminiscent of a scene from a picture book. Since botanical teas are also available for purchase at the store, why not take some home and unwind with a cup?

Text: Yukiko Imamura  Photos: Kazuki Noda

he embodiment of love for his hometown, Minami Aso: Teppei Koyama of Yamagoya Holahoo


Aso Ubuyama Küche
Address: 2101, Ubuyama, Ubuyama Village, Minami Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
Tel.: 096-342-4469
Business hours: Sat., Sun., and holidays only, 12:00-


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