Premium chefs of Kumamoto


Taking Kumamoto's culinary allure to new heights.

More often than not,
our culinary desires dictate our travel destinations.
Many of you may choose where to go based
on the particular food you wish to try.
If that resonates with you,
then Kumamoto should be your next destination.
Blessed with a rich natural environment—from
the mountains to the sea,
the land to the groundwater—Kumamoto's food
producers invest time and love in their efforts.

At Premium Chefs of Kumamoto,
our chefs share a profound love
for Kumamoto’s local foods,
creating unique cuisine that maximizes
the appeal of these local ingredients.
When we say, “premium chef,”
we mean someone dedicated to crafting and
serving Kumamoto cuisine.

In other words, dishes conceived
by a premium chef allow you to savor all
of Kumamoto’s many hidden delights.
We invite everyone visiting Kumamoto
to embark on a culinary journey to explore
its flavors. Our project holds a simple
wish—that people will rediscover Kumamoto.
Come to Kumamoto and relish our
new Kumamoto Cuisine and Sightseeing Program.

Premium chefs of Kumamoto

Our chefs

The premium chefs we feature here are top-class culinary experts, carefully selected for their qualifications to participate in this project. These chefs personally travel to meet with food producers in their respective fields, establishing an intimate familiarity with Kumamoto’s diverse range of foods. What sets them apart is their unwavering willingness to embrace new ingredients and challenge culinary boundaries. With unique methods and a refined sense of taste, they skillfully prepare dishes that reflect their deep love for Kumamoto, honoring its traditions and history. Moreover, these chefs have a remarkable ability to capture the essence of Kumamoto’s seasons and ambiance in their cuisine.

~New frontiers in the pleasures of Kumamoto cuisine~

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