Premium chefs of Kumamoto


Pursuing food cultureWe propose the unique value of new journeys inspired by unparalleled culinary experiences.


New frontiers in the pleasures of Kumamoto cuisine

Food is an essential reason for traveling. At Premium Chefs of Kumamoto, we focus on Kumamoto’s local ingredients, nurtured by the climate and the hard work of their producers. Our chefs skillfully gather these ingredients, infusing them with their love for the local produce, and craft unique dishes that bring out the best flavors.
We hope you enjoy our new Kumamoto Cuisine and Sightseeing program. Trying it may inspire you to visit the places where these ingredients originated.



The Kumamoto crafts that chefs love

At Premium Chefs, our restaurants feature local Kumamoto crafts, including carefully selected tableware and utensils designed to complement our cuisine. Don’t forget to appreciate these exquisite masterpieces.

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